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Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral (3 month, March to May)
Julianny Ariza

Grit Hachmeister

Mayra Martell
Anne Vorbeck
Anna So Young Han (exchange fellow from South Korea, April to June)

Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral (6 month, June to November)
Astrid Busch
Jennifer Danos
Stefan Eichhorn
Franziska Hünig
Akane Kimbara
Patricia Lambertus

New York, Flux Factory/Residency Unlimited (6 month, April to September)
Philip Emde

Paris, Cité internationale des Arts (6 month, RLP)
Lotte Günther (July to December)
Sandra Heinz (January to June)

South Korea, International Artists Studio Program, Seoul (3 month, April to May, RLP)
Lisa Weber

Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf, Brandenburg (5 month, February to June, RLP)
Marlon Wobst

Project scholarship (6 month, June to November, RLP)
Hannah Schwegel

Because of many applications of high quality for the two 3-month residence scholarships, the jury decided to split up one 6-month scholarship into two 3-month scholarships. Therefore the jury awarded six 6-month and four 3-month residence scholarships.

The following professionals formed the jury:

Prof. Dr. Toshio Watanabe
, TrAIN, University of the Arts London, President of the jury
Matthias Graffé
, representive of the BBK (confederation of visual artists) Rhineland-Palatinate
Dr. Ariane Fellbach-Stein, referent for visual arts of the ministry for education, science, further education and culture of RLP, Mainz
Geka Heinke, Balmoral-fellow 2005, Berlin
Martin Bochynek, art-critic, Düsseldorf
Dr. Astrid Reuter, Staatliche Kunsthalle (museum), Karlsruhe
Prof. Eric Lanz, HBK Saar (art academy), Saarbrücken